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DAOSbiz offers every kind of Business Card, so you can get as fancy and unique as you want, or keep it quick and simple.  Either way, we will ensure it is top quality and gets done right.  Once you put it in our hands, you never have to worry about a thing.

How much should you spend on Business Cards?

You have an idea of what you want to spend, but with all due respect, don't cheap out here.  That little card represents your business and should be what sets you apart from your competitors' cards in the pile.  It should be impressive and memorable so that it is the one sought after in the pile, and you are the one getting called back.  How valuable is that to you?  If a Business Card seems to cost too much, before you say no way, consider how much a single card costs.  Often that card will cost much less than $1, like 15 - 30 cents or so.  That's 15 - 30 cents per potential business deal which will be worth a whole lot more than 15 - 30 cents.  No matter what you spend on Business Cards, it is a very cost effective way to market and promote your business, so do it right.  The little bit more you spend, the more likely you are to make the best impression.

How many Business Cards should you make?

We always have customers asking for the least amount of Business Cards.  But we go ahead an quote the next higher quantities of cards as well because more is always a better deal.  Don't be stingy with your cards - you should be giving them away as often as possible to get your name out there and keep it out there.  Business Cards are one of the most cost effective ways to market and promote your business, so don't hold back.  You should always have business cards handy because you never know where you next potential client will pop up.

Is design really that important?

If all the Business Cards in the pile are of similar quality, then good design is what will set you apart.  But good design is important regardless of the situation. You never know when a potential client will see your cards or whatever - so always make it count.  Good design portrays professionalism and success.  You can be a 1-person business, but good design and quality printing will make you look like a big, successful business.  Design services usually cost extra, but consider it an investment, and a good investment too because it can be used over and over and lasts forever.

What about DIY Business Cards online?

No online store offers all that we do.  We can literally do any kind of Business Card. And it all comes with 1 on 1 service with the same person throughout the process.  Of course you can save money by doing it all yourself, but if time, peace of mind and "easy" is valuable to you, you can't do better than DAOSbiz.  Seriously, you have more important things to do than learn a new system and babysit an order.

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