Why Should your Business send out Holiday Cards?

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Because you are caring, thoughtful people, duh, but is it so bad to take advantage of some business benefits while you're at it?  Nope!


1. Say Thank You

Show your customers that you appreciate their business with thoughtful Holiday Cards.  And it's a great way to make up for any "thank you's" you may have missed in the past.


2. Keep In Touch

Holiday Cards serve as a reminder to customers you haven't done business with in awhile.  But it's a gentle reminder.  A free pass.  It definitely won't be perceived as a sales call, but it will serve as one.


3. Network

It's not just a thoughtful Holiday card, it's a marketing piece - two for the price of one.  And a Holiday Card is less likely to get ignored and go in the trash right away as junk mail.


4. Acts as a Gift

Include a Coupon to promote future sales, without being the slightest bit pushy.


5. It's a Nice Ritual

It's the Holidays.  People send out Holiday Cards.  Participate.  Reap the business rewards, and feel good while doing it.


6. Get Organized

Last but not least, organizing your customer/mailing list at least once a year is never a bad idea.  Let Holiday cards serve as that incentive, but with so many possible rewards.


Don't wait until the last minute with your Holiday cards.  We are bringing this up in October because now is the time to get things rolling with Holiday cards.  It can take up to 3 weeks for printing after proof approval and they need to be ready to mail out right after Thanksgiving.

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